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Expert speaker delivering a captivating presentation at a tech meetup, sharing insights on QA, automation, and developer productivity


Quality Assurance
Developer Experience

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Here's who I am & what I do

With nearly a decade of experience as a QA Engineer, I specialize in implementing complex automation solutions, integrating them into CI/CD pipelines, and establishing robust QA processes. I have a proven track record of improving team efficiency and mentoring both QA engineers and developers in automation testing.


As the Head of Developer Experience, I am dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness, productivity, and satisfaction of development teams. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, frameworks, and streamlined processes, I facilitate seamless software development, from initial coding to deployment. Collaborating closely with software engineers, engineering managers, QA, and DevOps teams, I define, enhance, and maintain the software delivery process.


Experience the transformative power of my Developer Productivity and Quality Assurance Consulting services!

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